Some Important Carpet Cleaning Tips

Despite any efforts to keep your carpet clean, it eventually becomes the victim to spills, drops, accidents and everything under the bottom of your shoes. Dirty carpets are not only an eyesore but also, they lead to health problems for the family because they attract so much dirt, smells, and germs. It is always convenient to call in the professionals but DIY carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet. In fact, you can learn how to clean your own carpet in just a few steps.

Different Carpet Cleaning Options
There are a few different ways you can clean your carpet. There are two different ways to break them, down. You can use the wet cleaning techniques where you will clean with liquid or you can use dry cleaning where you will clean with dry solutions. Both of them have their pros and cons so you can decide the one you feel will work best for you.

• Wet Carpet cleaning
Steam cleaning- Even though people call it steam cleaning, it does not mean literally but rather hot water. Steam cleaning is quite simple and what you need is barely boiled water. It does not need to boil but it needs to be hotter than what you get from the faucet. Rub the hot water against the carpet to dampen it without pouring too much.

Once done, vacuum your carpet with a wet-vac more than once in order to pick up everything. You should repeat this process a few times since you will be using water only so you can remove all the dirt and grime.

Hot water and chemical treatment- As opposed to using just hot water, you might have more success using hot water mixed with other cleaning chemicals. Laundry detergent works great in this case whether in liquid or powder form. Measure the amount depending on the size of the carpet or as you do for your laundry.

This is not to say you cannot use store-bought cleaning solutions, you absolutely can. However, you have to be careful what chemicals you choose and how much you rinse the carpet. Sometimes, it is best to hire a professional company like carpet cleaning Orlando.

• Dry Cleaning Options
When it comes to DIY carpet cleaning, the most suitable option is not dry cleaning because dry solutions usually cost more than detergents do but it is still cheaper than hiring professionals is. You can shop for dry cleaning solutions at a local store and if you do not own dry cleaning equipment, you can rent or decide to buy them.

Once you have everything ready, it is time to get down to business. You should start by removing all furniture from the room and spreading the powder over your carpet. Make it as equally spread as you can. Leave the powder to sit for about an hour ensuring the room has proper ventilation. After an hour, vacuum your carpet and suck up all the powder.

Other Carpet Cleaning Tips

• Begin with a New Vacuum Bag
The fuller the vacuum cleaner bag the less efficient vacuuming will be and the longer you will spend vacuuming. It loses its suction ability. In addition to that, having a fresh bag every time will increase the longevity of the vacuum cleaner because it will have less stress when working. Besides that, when there is dirt in the bag, there is always a chance it will be blown back in the room. Having a clean bag is also an upside because you will be able to see how much dirt you have actually collected in a given area.

• Dealing with Spots and Stains
Always dab on spots and you can pour some cold water on the spill to make it less challenging. Never rub on a stain because it will only push the contents deeper into the carpet. If the stain becomes a challenge, you can mix water and baking soda to create a solution and leave it for about 10 minutes, which becomes easier to clean.

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