Navigating Your Way from Cancun To Playa Del Carmen

Cancun and Playa Del Carmen are two very busy and industrious cities in Mexico and people often need to move to and fro between these cities for a lot of reasons. The major feature between these illustrious locations is the Cancun airport which serves as the main air terminal through which people from all over the globe can access these locations.

cancun to playa del carmen

Whatever your purpose, be it business, personal visit or even vacation, if you’re looking to get to Playa Del Carmen (PCD), you must arrive at the Cancun airport before finding your way down to your destination by one mode of transportation or the other. The trip from cancun to playa del carmen takes approximately 50 minutes, so you need to decide either to take a bus, or a car. Some of the available options are as follows:

All-Inclusive Hotel Package
Some hotels in Playa Del Carmen offer you the all-inclusive offer when making your online reservation. The beauty of such offers is that it usually includes a provision for your transportation, upon your arrival at the Cancun airport. So, if you don’t have any special need like visiting a friend or stopping to shop, you might as well take advantage of this offer and save yourself from extra expenses. The hotel car will take you directly to the hotel, as you lodge in your reserved room.

Private Car Rental:
This is best for you if your hotel package has no allowance for your transportation. It can also be a good idea especially when you’re looking to carry out some exploration around the city, for some sightseeing or shopping. A lot of rental car services are available at the airport ready to transport you (even without a prior reservation).
However, before you go jumping into any car, you should note that the car services within the airport are usually quite expensive. So, if you’re running a tight budget, you might want to move a little outside the airport, where you’ll be able to find other cheaper car services.

Rent a Bus:
If you’re travelling corporately or in a group exceeding 4 people, then renting a bus will be your best bet at getting to your destination on time and efficiently. Usually most private car rental services also have buses of different sizes in their fleet. You can contact the car rental service ahead of time and make a reservation for one of their buses that you feel will be suitable for your travel needs.

Alternatively, you could also charter a bus from the airport to Playa Del Carmen, but the down side is that it may cost a bit more than usual, so making your online reservation ahead of time is still the best option.

A trip from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen can truly be fun and efficient without you having to break the bank in the process. However, it is best that you make plans ahead of time for the appropriate means of transport, to save yourself unnecessary headache along the way.