Taking Care Of Your Decolletage

There’s little need to emphasize why it’s important to put in the extra effort in taking care of the decollete area with decollete cream. Even for people who don’t flaunt it that much, keeping it looking young is still important. It ensures that this area, as well as the face, doesn’t have a stark contrast with the rest of the body.

The face and decolletage age faster than other areas of the skin. And without extra attention, their rapid aging can show apparent signs of aging like wrinkles and age spots. The difference between the two is that the face typically gets the attention it deserves.

Prevalence Of Plunging Necklines
Another compelling reason why one should start to observe a skin care regimen that includes their decolletage is the fashion trend. It’s quite obvious that over the years, fashion philosophies have veered away from covering the body heavily. Decolletage exposure in the world of fashion is becoming the standards.

So how should one start taking care of their decollete, if it’s so important? Well, obviously not by using a facial mask. Here are some ways to keep the decolletage looking as young and healthy as other areas of the skin.

Use Sunscreen When Going Out
These days, using sunscreen is a must. As scary as it may sound, we have to accept the fact that the sun is now harsher than it was half a century ago. The threat of UVA and UVB rays from the sun is a great cause for concern. Don’t let a cloudy day fool you into thinking that these harmful rays aren’t doing their damage. Putting on a sunscreen before going under the heat of the sun should become a habit.

Also, don’t skimp out on reapplication of sunscreen when in doubt. Sweat can deceptively dilute the amount of protection the sunscreen provides. As the day progresses, and if one may feel like their initial application may have been washed out by sweat, a reapplication is necessary. Experts highly encourage to take a small bottle of sunscreen along when going out of the house.

Sometimes, just using an SPF foundation instead of a sunscreen lotion can do the job. One should keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t provide the same level of protection as a sunscreen lotion. It’s only advisable for days of minimal exposure to the sun.

Find A Shade And Get Under It
It’s not entirely necessary to get directly under the sun to have fun under the sun. Spending time outside, taking in the view of the beachside, for example, can be done while under a shade of a tree.

In an urban setting, one notable example is when people are waiting for the next bus to arrive. Although the sun’s heat may not be felt as much, it’s already doing its damage to the skin. This is a big problem in cold weather, as the temperature can mask the sun’s heat. But not the harmful rays it emits.

If staying directly under the sun isn’t necessary, find a shade to shield the body from the sun. The face and decolletage area will benefit a lot from this simple habit.

Admittedly, there are instances where a shade is just not in sight. Scenarios like attending a beach wedding at noontime. Obviously not planned by people who understand the damaging effect of the sun.

When in these kinds of situations, the answer is to wear a hat with a brim that’s wide enough to cover both the face and decolletage. The decolletage, more importantly, because the face is usually covered sufficiently by most hats.

If wearing a hat isn’t possible, remind yourself that it is. There’s really no excuse other than not having the fashion sense to wear a hat that matches the outfit.

The Unspoken Truth About Sleep Wrinkles
There are plenty of discussions on the Internet about which sleeping position is best. Obviously, the answers vary greatly since not every person has the same ergonomics or accustomization to one sleeping position.

One thing for sure, in the interest of keeping the decollete area in good condition, is that sleeping on one’s side can gradually lead to earlier development of wrinkles. It’s not rocket science.

The skin has an elastic property but submitting it to the same wrinkled state for hours in the evening can do some damage. Not to mention the fact that the body, including the skin, repairs itself at night. The body might misinterpret the wrinkled skin as the skin’s usual state and repair accordingly.

One of the obvious solution to avoid this is to change sleeping position. And this position is facing up. Understandably, most people would rather live with the looming threat of having wrinkled decolletage than torture themselves to sleep in a new position.

In fact, if it takes too long to get used to the new position, one might just end up doing more damage instead. Lack of sleep is also a big cause of wrinkly skin, after all.

Control Skin Damage From Sleeping
Fortunately, it’s not doom and gloom for people who sleep on their sides. Using a special skin care product on their decolletage before going to bed can be an effective solution. Skin care products for the decollete area mitigates the potential damages of sleeping on the side. Eventually making any wrinkles that come out of it to be unnoticeable.

While the face has the luxury of having the facial mask as a specialized skincare product, the decolletage has its own set of products that aren’t as unusual as a mask. Using decollete cream and skin toner is one of the best ways for the decolletage to cope with the skin care attention that the face gets.

Use ample but reasonable amounts of decollete cream helps this particular area of the skin to have more elastin. In effect, any slight wrinkling while sleeping will just bounce back to its usual form in the morning.

Showing Skin And Hiding From The Sun
It’s ironic that showing more skin is the new fashion trend, but staying away from the sun is a common advice. But then again, it’s not the sun that we’re trying to impress with the clothes we’re wearing anyway.